In-Home Dog Training

doginkitchenYour dog’s problem behavior doesn’t happen in a classroom. They happen in your home and neighborhood. Our customized in-home dog training programs bring dog training to you.

We’ll train your dog with your or for you.

Our family-centered training programs provide practical real world solutions for busy families. You won’t need to set aside hours each week to practice. We’ll teach you how to work training into your routine and how to make it work for every member of your family.

Convenience: We’ll go wherever you need us to train your dog.

Flexible scheduling: We work on your schedule including evening and weekend appointments.

Customized programs: Whether you’re a do-it-yourself type who just wants some pointers or someone who wants us to train your dog for you, we’ll design the program that gets you the dog you want.

Our Programs

We offer a wide variety of private in-home dog training programs throughout greater Cincinnati and Oxford, OH to fit any schedule and solve any problem. We can teach you to train your dog or we can do it for you. We’re happy to come to your home for lessons or even to take your dog home to live 24/7 with 2 professional trainers and our pack.

Training a great family companion is easier than you think! Call today and let us design the perfect custom in-home dog training plan for your family!


Coaching: We Train Your Dog With You

Get in-home dog training help where and when you need it most. Our trainers go wherever your problem occurs, whether it’s your home, office, or the local park. Meet when you want and work on whatever you want. You’re the boss. Learn more

Day Training – Come Home to a Well Trained Dog

No time for training? No problem. We’ll train your dog for you.

In our most popular in-home dog training program, our trainers come to your home or office several times a week to train your dog for you – even while you’re at work. In 3 weeks, our dog pros can teach your dog what we normally cover in 3 months of group dog training classes. You get weekly lessons on how to maintain the training, but we do the hard part for you. Learn more.


Total Immersion Board and Train

In our one-of-kind total immersion board and train program your dog comes to live 24/7 with 2 professional trainers like one of our pets. Dogs live in our home, NOT in a kennel. In addition to structured training, outings, and lots of play time, they get constant feedback about their behavior as they share our daily routine and learn to behave like a dog trainer’s dog. Learn more.